Davco Realty Advisors Services

Davco Realty Advisors focuses not only on the transaction at hand, but on the philosophy and business needs behind it. We take a fully integrated approach, defining what those needs are, strategizing to develop the optimal path, and ultimately implementing the solution.

  • Armed with a full array of services to each unique assignment:
  • Tenant Representation
  • Facilities Management
  • Lease Administration
  • Lease Audits
  • Construction and Project Management
  • Relocation Management
  • Site Selection
  • Strategic Services
  • Transaction Management

Tenant Representation

At Davco Realty Advisors, there is no conflict of interest. Providing the backbone of why companies entrust our professionals for expertise, quality and results. Our advisory services include:


  • Relocations
  • Renewals and Restructuring
  • Expansions, Retractions, and consolidations in existing facilities
  • Financial Analysis
  • Lease Buyouts, terminations, and subleasing


  • Purchasing
  • Feasibility studies
  • Lease vs. Buy evaluation
  • Purchase and Sale agreement
  • Due Diligence discovery and detailed inspection
  • Financial Assistance in Capital Markets and Banking industry

Facilities Management/Property Consulting Services

Evaluation and enhancement of your real estate assets in combination with your overall strategic objectives…is what our facilities services team is all about. We help you evaluate all entire operation — wherever they’re located — and assist towards optimization of their performance, while driving costs out of your management processes.

Our first priority is to foster a productive work environment. We provide objective, independent consulting to companies on a wide range of issues, including facilities assessment, cost benchmarking, and outsourcing evaluations. As facilities management grows increasingly complex, we may consider alternative optimal solutions.

Through our strategic partnership with Clemens Stengler Group, we offer our clients a single point of contact to deliver:

  • Improved Management — Experienced, efficient, and generally more sophisticated than most in-house departments.
  • Better Technology — We have the resources and the experience for improved, cutting edge, streamlined efficiencies, minimizing unexpected problems from adversely affecting operations Tactical Information — In other words, with us in your corner, you can stay focused on your operations, rather than on the facilities they occupy.


Lease Administration

With overall occupancy costs ranking among the second or third largest expense items for most businesses today, the management of a lease portfolio — by professionals truly focused on it — must be considered a critical part of any strategic plan.

Davco Realty Advisors can help you significantly reduce costs, while potentially sparing you expensive mistakes. We can supplement your current lease program — or completely replace it. Either way, you get:

  • Review of your overall property portfolio, so you can identify cost savings that have gone unnoticed.
  • Abstracts of every lease, including key trigger dates when decisions are needed and where missing an important date can be disastrous.
  • Lease Administrative Upgrades — cutting edge software systems that provide complete control of all your leases going forward.
  • A strategic overview of your portfolio — with aggregated lease details, including terms, conditions, and overall financial impact.

With our assistance managing your portfolio, costs are reduced, savings are accrued, and mistakes are minimized. We strive for improvement of the current quality and level of expertise you experience or achieve in-house.


Lease Audit and Administrative Services

On any annual basis, most tenants have the burden of millions of dollars above and beyond their base rental, in additional rent, operating expenses or tax overages billed by their Landlord.

It is fair to say that “not all Landlords were created equal”, neither are the ‘checks and balances’ on the tenant’s side, to confirm or contrast these potential liabilities. Davco has been in the business of review and confirmation of leaseholds for clients for decades. Knowing where to look, and how to approach these potential expenses are a delicate task. Through a combination of accounting errors, inappropriate spending, and inconsistent accounting practices, confirmation of these expenses as a valid practice is one of the most effective ways to promote transparency and confirm justified expenses, vs. the opposite.

The process begins with a review of your lease documents and back up billing and operating expense budgets, and reconsolidation statements. As needed, we assist in the request for additional back-up with specific line items.

We provide a complimentary review of these operating expense and property tax charges, CAM charges, and whether further investigation is warranted. Our review essentially is an evaluation against market standard practices and comparable buildings, all against your actual lease documentation and agreements. This process is expediential in that its effects are ongoing as reoccurring expenses throughout the term of your leasehold.


Construction and Project Management

From minor remodeling to ground up build-to-suits, the construction of your facility represents a significant investment in your company’s budget, and future.

Over all corporate philosophy, transcending to into brick in mortar and your corporate utility and image, are all impacted through implementation. Having the optimal designers, architects, contractors, and coordinators needs experience, dedicated oversight. Our team has decades of experience managing all aspects of this detailed process. We know how to manage these diverse teams, under tight time frames, to produce the expected results.

Our extensive expertise allows Davco Realty Advisors to capitalize on large potential cost savings, by heavily scrutinized work schedules and change orders, identifying trusted vendors.

Relocation Management

Even the simplest move is difficult on a business. It can disrupt your operations, strain your customer relations, and challenge your employees.

Our relocation specialists understand this. We develop a close interactive relationship with your in-house dedicated team member to insure your move is as seamless as possible.

  • Planning the transition — We work with each independent department in understanding their business issues and develop a transition strategy. We set up relocation committees, establish priorities, plan for relocation constraints, and keep your employees informed of all move plans and schedules, with contingency plans in place.
  • Selecting and coordinating vendors — Given the velocity of our transactions assisting current clients, and the consistency with traditional reoccurring issues, we know the local vendors and their competencies. We can pre-qualify and shortlist them, conduct the interview process, recommend final selection, and help negotiate the contracts.
  • Get you in…on time — We’ll make sure your employees are ready for the big move. We’ll coordinate with your relocation committee, and provide a ‘check and balance’ of your vendors.
  • Relocating is never easy. But we can make it easier and as painless as possible. We know what people go through and the frustrations that typify the process. We are there to deal with these issues as they arise, and ‘head them off at the pass’.

Site Selection

Any relocation involves and array of variables. Davco’s experts will walk you through the entire planning process, from initial needs assessment through final decision, including site selection services, incentive negotiations and real estate site procurement for headquarters, e-commerce, warehouse/distribution and fulfillment operations, call center and the customer support industry.

We’ll help you find a submarket and location that reduces attrition, increases productivity and improves quality of service. Our research is wide-ranging and thorough, and includes the following:

  • Employee scatter grams with demographic and labor analysis to maximize your employee criteria and labor profile
    Labor availability and sustainability analyses.
  • Population trends including current area growth and migration rates.
  • Comparisons of available infrastructure – including telecommunications, transportation, power capabilities, utilities, and fiber capacity.
  • We coordinate the entire process, from market surveys and site inspections to meetings with city or development officials, and look at everything from micro-submarket energy within the community, to transportation and employee benefit and recruiting packages.

Strategic Services

Given the complexity of today’s real estate needs, how do you know you’re making the most prudent decisions from your facilities and your portfolio? How do you evaluate your short, mid and long term space needs while anticipating both technological and unforeseen staffing trends within your business? How do you align those needs with your overall business strategy? How do you weigh priorities, test scenarios, compare solutions — all in a field far from your own core competency?

Our portfolio strategists deal with these questions every day, using proven methodologies to provide clients with the objective, outside perspective they need to evaluate their space requirements in the context of their business goals.

We create scenarios based on different business priorities — cost, timing, impact on operations, etc. — each one analyzed and mapped to your business objectives. From these scenarios come a number of possible solutions, one of which ultimately becomes the recommended course of action.

Our in-depth analytics give you a true understanding of your portfolio and the ability to assess your space needs over time. This information proves invaluable in many ways:

  • Measuring performance — With a clear picture of your portfolio, you can identify which assets are under-performing, and how you might remedy the situation.
  • Managing risks — You can assess the consequences of too much space, too little space, and whether you’re in the right kind of space in the right community. Understanding your risks is the first step to mitigating them.
  • Assessing occupancy costs — Our analysis can help you arrive at a Total Cost of Occupancy you can use in gauging your space needs going forward.
  • Reduce space costs — With workplace culture and technology changing all the time, our methodologies can help you take advantage of the changes that can work for your business.

The goal of our methodologies is to make better business sense of your real estate assets, so you can reduce costs without sacrificing either business effectiveness or employee satisfaction.

Transaction Management

Davco’s team of specialists have defined protocols in place to understand your corporate philosophy, space needs, selection process, and weigh the many variables against the business goals you’ve defined. Since we typically represent tenants and buyers — seldom landlords or brokers — you can be sure our advice will be conflict-free. Our transaction management services include:

  • Strategic Planning – We’ll make sure we understand your business goals, and what drives them – where your workforce is located, whether you need flexibility to expand, or what kind of image you want to project. Then, in the context of these goals, we’ll work with you to formulate a real estate strategy to meet them. We’ll help you evaluate your space needs from a work process point of view to make sure you get an efficient, cost-effective solution that fits your unique requirements.
  • Market Study — We consult with your key management related to your space requirements and based on our findings, we identify the competitive set of alternatives that fit your criteria and budget.
  • Tours — Typically virtually shortlisted to a quantifiable set, we’ll then tour and inspect to both the positive and negative attributes. We evaluate with clients each day, and we compare and contrast the intangibles beyond rental rates and lease terms. Feasibility Planning — We assist in determining which spaces lend themselves to the optimal configuration.
  • Landlord RFP’s — We solicit offers from the various landlords, including cost, amenities, tenant allowances, and market achievable incentives and concessions.
  • Financial Analysis — With offers in hand, we’ll assess each proposal from a financial standpoint, monetizing the various terms and arriving at a recommendation so that you get a true comparison of all costs associated with each option.
  • Negotiation — Once the offers are in hand, we conduct the actual negotiation, maximizing leverage to your benefit independently, protecting you from pre-existing relationships at hand. Davco Realty Advisors has both the experience, market knowledge, and submarket information to assist you and your team, negotiate the best possible facilities transaction.